It’s time we talk about gloves.

As we make our way into Australia’s “cooler” months, let’s take a reach for my go-to lined leather glove.

Picking up a pair of these gloves just screams zero nonsense, aesthetically they are a simple leather glove. But, look closer and find a number of features that make these gloves something special.

The full pre-stretched cowhide construction features a PVC knuckle protector and double stitching from wrist to finger tips as well as clever accordion panels along the fingers to aid with clamping comfort.

Flip them over and you’ll notice a second layer of suede in the palm offering another layer of protection while adding that extra bit of grip.

Finishing off by popping them on, you’ll notice a plush antibacterial microfibre liner, thick enough to add that sweet sweet warmth but thin enough to maintain the dexterity you loose with a full on textile gauntlet.

With a season behind me and my trusty Rodeo’s, the ageing process is coming along nicely. I have recently hit them with a lick of beeswax, rejuvenating the leather and adding an element of water resistance. 

Look at the difference between mine (left) and the fresh pair (right)!

Overall, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense addition to your riding wardrobe this winter season then the Rodeo is for you. Check them out in Brown and Green. (Note the tan & black colour way are a perforated non lined version of the Rodeo better suited to Summer or the hot-handed rider)