Action Pro Unisex Shorts

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Knox Action Pro Unisex Armoured Shirts

These unisex Action Pro Shorts are a low-profile pair of armoured shorts.  They offer amazing stretch, abrasion resistance and impact protection while remaining discreet.  These have been designed to be worn under motorcycle riding jeans, leathers and one-piece suits and are CE rated to EN17092- 6 Class C.

Designed not just for all types of motorcycle riders but also tough enough to be worn on their own for other adrenaline sports participants, such as mountain bikers, skateboarders, snowboarders, or skiers, looking for valuable protection.

The Action Pro shorts contain a full set of low profile and discreet New Micro-Lock Compact armour on the hips, thigh and coccyx.

New Micro-Lock Compact is the most progressive protection from Knox, with advances in all key areas. Up to 60% lighter, thinner and more supple for all-day comfort. It is engineered to move easily with the body when riding and has excellent form recovery.

A patented Flex and Adapt side closure system opens and closes naturally, giving uninhibited movement. The closure system also provides unbroken coverage, ensuring the rider always remains protected.

Since they are made using a new sustainable fabric called Sorona¬ģ Agile from Dupont, which is an eco-efficient fibre partially made with plant-based polymers, they have a subtle piquet texture, high levels of strength, stretch, and stain resistance. ¬†All of these features make the hard-working Action Pro shorts perfectly comfortable and hold the armour in the right place.

Action Pro shorts are also part of the Knox Seasonless Collection; simply add a pair of jeans for warmth and Knox waterproof trousers for when it rains.  Meanwhile, the stretch mesh inside the shorts adds breathability and comfort in warm weather. The fit is finished with soft and subtle Knox branded elastic on the waist.  The Micro-Lock protectors are removable (for washing the garment) and they come with a five-year guarantee once registered.

The Knox Action Pro Shorts are available in seven unisex sizes between XS and 3XL. All are available in an easy wearing black.

Spec + Details

  • Armoured riding shorts
  • Dupont Sorona¬ģ Agile fabric construction - an eco-efficient fibre partially made with plant-based polymers
  • High stretch and strength
  • Low profile shorts that can be worn under any trousers for abrasion resistance and impact protection
  • Stretch mesh on the inside of the shorts for extra breathability and comfort in warm weather
  • Suitable for other adrenaline sports and eBike riders wanting protection
  • Soft silicone grip for extra comfort.
  • Removable Knox MICRO-LOCK armour in the hip, thigh and coccyx included
  • 5-year guarantee on Micro-Lock protectors when registered
  • Machine Washable garment¬†- see label for details.
  • Unisex
  • CE Approved to EN17092-6 Class C

Fitment Guide 

Size XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Inches 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
CM 71 76 81 86 89 96 103