VFX-WR Helmet Gloss White

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Shoei VFX-WR Helmet - Gloss White

Shoei's VFX series has been a leader in the off-road helmet industry for years with its bold, innovative design and exceptional safety features. With years of Shoei research and development, the VFX-WR Allegiant led the way in a new era of off-road helmets.

Shoei has an entirely new impact-absorbing lining mechanism in the VFX-WR Allegiant - the MEDS (Motion Energy Distribution System), which is more advanced than all existing conventional double liners. While the main layer of EPS liner absorbs the impact from the outside as usual, an additional centred EPS layer reduces rotational acceleration energy to the head in case of an accident.

Anchored by a larger centre column, the inner layer swings during a collision, allowing the three perimeter columns to absorb the energy. The result is a significant reduction in the rotational power of the rider's head.

Spec + Details

  • Six Layer Tri Composite carbon/kevlar/aramid fibre construction
  • Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S)
  • Advanced shell moulding technology
  • Ultra-lightweight and strong structure
  • Fully integrated and improved peak
  • Double-D ring closure system
  • Emergency Quick Release System
  • Multiple fixed vents and exhaust ports
  • Four different outer shell sizes (XS-S/ M/ L/ XL-XXL)
  • Removable and washable Max-Dry interior
  • Aggressively-shaped front faceguard
  • 3-piece EPS liner for added durability
  • Made In Japan

Fitment Guide - Verified at RC HQ 

CM SIZE 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63-64